Why Choose to Be a Trailblazer?

To be a Trailblazer means more than a name on the jersey; it's a way of life. To be a Trailblazer is to be your own person, to create your own path, to strive for something bigger than yourself. Trailblazers aren't given anything, they have to work hard for what they want. Trailblazers want a change of scenery: no daddy-ball, no radar guns determining player worth, no other political games that other teams play.


Our coaches know what it takes to work hard; constantly having to prove ourselves every day; we will work with your son to teach him how to play the game the right way, and will learn other skills to take into their every day lives. If you want to prove your worth, earn what you deserve, and learn from coaches with the same mindsets as you, the Detroit Trailblazers Baseball Club is for you!

The Vision Behind the Detroit Trailblazers

The Detroit Trailblazers Baseball Club’s vision is centered around player development, knowledge, and opportunity. We will provide a level of efficient training, vast knowledge, and ample opportunities to not only improve your skill to help you excel in high school, but to give you a chance to pursue your dream of playing college baseball.

The Trailblazers Keys to Long Term Success

As a program, we understand that to create long term success, we have to put the players needs first over anything else. We focus on developing their skills on and off the field. Hard work, respect, communication are a few of the many skills we develop in our program to ensure that our players are not only good baseball players, but are good sons, brothers and teammates.

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