Why Should You Play For The Detroit Trailblazers?

Trailblazers by definition are pioneers, pathfinders, innovators, and trend setters. The Detroit Trailblazers are setting out to start a new trend in travel baseball. We want to develop a program to help young student athletes acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their dreams of playing college baseball.

Perks of playing for the Detroit Trailblazers

  • Positional and Team Training by Former College Baseball Players

    • Fall training: September-October – 1x/wk. (9 sessions)

    • Winter: December-March – 1x/wk. (15 sessions)

  • Showcases

    • Showcases paid for and provided by the club

    • Opportunity to get exposure to colleges

  • Recruiting Assistance

    • With help of SportRecruits, Recruiting profile created, put on our website, and advertised to the colleges of your choice

    • List of potential majors and all universities with that respective major

    • Will help teach the do’s and don’t’s of the recruiting process

    • Will make recruitment videos upon request

  • Strength & Conditioning

    • Optional strength program ran at Phyx Performance out of West Bloomfield

    • 6 month, dedicated strength program

    • Individualized strength programs that focus on making our players better all-around athletes

Interested In Joining Our Team Next Season?

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