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Detroit Trailblazers

Strategic Plan


The Detroit Trailblazers are striving to innovate the way travel baseball teams not only run their program, but treat their athletes as well. You are not just a number on the Detroit Trailblazers; you are a son, a brother, a student, and then an athlete. To help this innovation, we have developed a mission, vision, and keys to success to help guide our program in the right direction to help make our athletes not only great high school and college baseball players, but great people as well! No daddy ball, no politics, just competitive baseball played at its purest form.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a transcendent Travel baseball experience, that gives every kid the opportunity to pursue his dreams of playing college baseball! We strive in developing all facets of your sons game, to make him an all-around player that will succeed in any situation!


Vision Statement

The Detroit Trailblazers Baseball Club’s vision is to lead the movement of providing opportunities to those who slipped through the cracks, developing players skills, and exposing kids to colleges. We see ourselves becoming the new face of travel baseball in the state of Michigan!



Build A Brand

Increase the Trailblazers publicity

Utilize website/social media outlets

Grow a program the right way: no gimmicks, no tricks, no empty promises


Developing Skills

Focusing on the players individual needs, and finding a way to make them better

Coaches who are dedicated to player development, above anything else

Workouts planned out where your son will know everything he needs to know to succeed in his high school season


Exposing Athletes To Colleges

Broadcasting our players talents to colleges and universities, giving them the best opportunity to become college baseball players

Build profiles and recruiting videos to promote athletes to universities


Preparing For Life After Baseball

Train and equip athletes with the tools to succeed on and off the baseball field

Teaching hard work, determination, and the will to succeed



Create a winning culture based on accountability and consistent expectations

Teaching team baseball, and how to play the game the right way will not only lead to winning on the field, but creates a winning mentality that can be utilized off the field

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